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  What has happened to you Constantine ?
  Why your tears don`t stop falling  ?
  Who is this person who has harmed ;pained you ? 
  Please, tell me who ?

  Constantine ! you are screaming but no one is listening to you .
  Constantine ! you are crying but no one is caring about you .

  Constantine you are the tender woman who has taken everyone of us in her heart .
  How wide is your heart !
  How deep is your heart !
  How patient is your heart !

  Constantine ! when we look at you we do a come back on time , and we remember all the huge history that unfortunately ; you are the only one who got the key of truth .
  Constantine ! I am sorry for all that is happening to you.

  Constantine ! Everyday I am looking at your sceneries from the top of the univesity stairs ; we can have a general view  about you , your monument , your famous bridges ,the Amir Abd EL Kader Mosque.

  How wonderful you are Constantine !
  Constantine you are our spiritual mother !

  Do you think that France has colonized you for more than a century  without any aim ?
  Of course Constantine ! The place where you are makes every foreigner  jealous of you , your climate …
  Your four seasons that can be seen in just one single day !

  As you see , beautiful woman , I am a citizen who`s fed up with what is happening to you ,but :
  Be sure  Dear Constantine that in my heart always you are and that I will never stop fighting for you .
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Ms. Nassiba Khelifi .
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           (2nd year student of English).









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Dear everyone!!!

waveofhope@hotmail.fr is the club s email address … let us know if you do have any idea , proposition to suggest … we look forward to hearing soon from you . Best of luck .

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